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Container logistics action stalled by communication breakdown

<p>A collective of trucking operators working out of Port Botany are calling on the stevedores to &#8220go back to school&#8221 on charging mechanisms in and out of the container chain.</p> <p>The group is seeking to ask terminal operators to explain the user pays principle behind transport activities at Port Botany.</p> <p>However Toll-owned Patrick Corp has declined to enter negotiations with the group, dealing instead with the NSW Road Transport Association.</p> <p>The Container Logistics Action Group was granted authorisation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to bargain collectively with the terminal operators in March 2006.</p> <p>The ACCC authorised CLAG to bargain with the stevedores on issues such as price, vehicle booking systems and storage charges and penalties. The commission also said that neither CLAG nor the stevedores would be compelled to negotiate with each other.</p> <p>Patrick will continue to deal with the NSW Road Transport Association as the representative body for the industry, a spokeswoman told <em>Lloyd’s List DCN.</em> </p> <p>&#8220If CLAG has a view, Patrick would expect those issues to be raised through the formal processes of the RTA where the whole of industry perspective can be considered,&#8221 she said.</p> <p>CLAG lobbyist Martin Feil said the group did not believe there had been sufficient dialogue between terminal stakeholders over appropriate charging mechanisms.</p> <br />