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Condition Monitoring and Rail Tunnelling

condition monitoring

Condition monitoring continues to play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of railway systems.  

With extensive networks and heavy reliance on trains for transportation, it is essential to monitor the condition of various components, infrastructure, and rolling stock to detect potential faults, prevent accidents, and minimise downtime.  

Meanwhile, as the number of rail projects in urban areas continue to rise, the importance of tunnels cannot be underestimated. They allow trains to travel underneath densely populated regions, minimising disruption to the existing infrastructure and reducing the environmental impact.  

As technology improves, so too does the need for specialised equipment to efficiently and safely construct tunnels, including the likes of tunnel boring machines, ancillary locomotives, shotcrete applicators and ventilation systems.

As well, maintenance is required on many existing rail tunnels, which are ageing and have been built differently to the new-era ones being constructed around the country.

The August issue of Rail Express shines the spotlight on the latest products and advancements in both the condition monitoring and tunnel-building and maintenance sectors.  

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