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Communities continue to gain from Inland Rail

inland rail communities

Newly released data for the July-September quarter has shown that Inland Rail is continuing to bring real world benefits to regional communities along the Inland Rail alignment, delivering critical training and educational opportunities for companies, workers, and First Nations communities.

Inland Rail has now upskilled nearly 400 local businesses to work on major projects at over 200 workshops and mentoring sessions held over the last four years, with nearly 60 of these businesses being owned by First Nations owners.

In addition, Inland Rail has now provided skills training to 374 local workers, 142 of whom are from First Nations communities, with 200 of these workers completing civil construction courses and fifty completing rail industry courses.

University scholarships have been provided to 24 undergraduate students, four of which were First Nations students, in a range of degree subjects including engineering, aviation, medical radiation science, veterinary biology, nursing, science, paramedics and education.

Inland Rail has also worked extensively with younger students, with some 1000 First Nations students from 15 schools in NSW and Queensland taking part in training opportunities delivered by our partnership with the Clontarf Foundation.

A further 10,000 students from nearly 450 schools have taken part in our STEM on Track events in schools in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland, with nearly 1000 of these students coming from First Nations communities.

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