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Communications upgrade for Brookfield Rail freight lines

Resleepered track on WA's Leonora Branch Line. Photo: Brookfield Rail

Brookfield Rail, the manager and operator of the 5,500 kilometre freight rail network in Western Australia’s southern half, is upgrading its radio communications network in an effort to improve safety, efficiency and operability of communications on the rail line that runs between Perth and Bunbury.

The project — which costs $2.5 million — will involve the installation of nine radio communication towers along Perth-Bunbury line that will also service the rail lines from Brunswick to Hamilton and Collie.

Brookfield Rail expects that once the project is completed in June this year, communications coverage and performance will be greatly improved.

“The South West is one of the busiest sections of the freight rail network, and this upgrade will reduce the chance of radio black spots, improving communications and future proofing this vital connection from the region into Perth,” Paul Lowney, general manager asset management and projects for Brookfield Rail said.

“The project is just one example of Brookfield Rail’s long-term commitment to improving the safety, efficiency and reliability of the State’s freight rail network,” he added.

Brookfield Rail will also be updating older infrastructure along the line between Brunswick and Collie, replacing the existing copper cable with a new microwave radio system. This development, according to the company, will bring the line up-to-date with the latest communication technology.