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Comfort and convenience for NSW regional rail

The NSW Government is replacing the ageing NSW regional rail fleet of XPTs, XPLORERs and Endeavours with 29 safer, comfortable and more accessible trains for customers travelling across NSW and between Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

As part of the Regional Rail project, a new purpose-built maintenance facility named Mindyarra will be built in Dubbo.

The first new trains are expected to be running from 2023, with the full fleet coming into service progressively.

The 117 new carriages include:

10 regional intercity trains replacing the current Endeavour fleet
9 short regional trains replacing the current XPLORER services
10 long regional trains replacing the current XPT services

The new trains will have:

  • Comfortable directional seating with aeroplane-style overhead luggage storage and seat pockets
  • Charging ports for mobile devices and tray tables suitable for laptops
  • Improved accessibility including accessible toilets on every train, wider doors, single-deck carriages, priority seating and accessible help points
  • Improved customer information through digital information screens and announcements, and CCTV throughout the train
  • Modern buffet car in the long and short regional trains
  • Automatic selective door operation for stations with short platforms

The new fleet will operate with an Australian first – bi-mode technology – providing a more environmentally-friendly rail service. Bi-mode is a diesel-electric hybrid which will allow the fleet to run on overhead power when operating on electrified sections of the train network.

It will significantly reduce carbon emissions and diesel particulates, compared to the current regional fleet.

In February 2019, the NSW Government awarded a contract to Momentum Trains, an international consortium, to deliver the Regional Rail Project, which includes the design, build, and maintenance of the new Regional Rail fleet and also the design, build, maintenance and operation of Mindyarra.

NSW TrainLink will operate the new Regional Rail fleet.