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CCTV technology improved across Melbourne network

The Victorian Government says upgraded security cameras at almost every Melbourne train station will help Police reduce the number of incidents taking place across the network.

Victorian public transport minister Melissa Horne said on Monday more than 2,300 digital cameras had been installed across 185 metropolitan stations, replacing ageing and grainy technology with more defined vision that can be more easily accessed on short notice.

All Melbourne stations – apart from those currently being upgraded as part of the Level Crossing Removal programs – now have new cameras installed.

Stations being upgraded or rebuilt as part of the Level Crossing Removal program will have new cameras installed as part of that process.

“The overwhelming majority of the 590 million journeys taken on Victoria’s public transport network each year occur without an issue,” Horne said. “This technology will help us further reduce incidents happening.”

Victoria Police last year conducted research that found offenders are less likely to act when CCTV is present. There was a perception among women, however, that the quality of footage captured would not lead to the offender being caught. Other train users said they took notice of camera placement and felt safer when cameras were visible.

The newer cameras are more than twice the resolution of the older cameras, and have improved low-light capabilities.

“We all have the right to be safe and feel safe at train stations and on public transport,” Horne said. “These upgrades will provide clearer vision to deter potential offenders, ultimately creating a safer train network for everyone.”

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