Wednesday 19th Dec, 2018

Harnessing processing power to develop smarter train assembly

Terence Vu sees a future where robots can work out the best way to assemble rollingstock components. The PhD student…
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The CSIRO model shaping future supply chain strategies

Rail Express spoke with the CSIRO about the model aiming to quantify and map out constraints across Australia’s vast supply…
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Shipping containers. Photo: Shutterstock

Common data set could save Australian supply chain $1bn a year

A new discussion paper from the Australian Logistics Council calls for a common data set for Australia’s supply chains. The…
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AutoHaul moving almost half of Rio’s iron ore

Rio Tinto is averaging 34 autonomous trains every day on its Pilbara network, and AutoHaul trains now make up 45…
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ARA to develop partnership with British rail association

The Australasian Railway Association and the UK’s Railway Industry Association have agreed to work more closely together to benefit rail…
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Tunnelling Centre to be built in Melbourne

Australia’s first tunnelling training centre will be established in Melbourne to provide the skills necessary to deliver the city’s transport…
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Pacific National - Creative Commons Marcus Wong

PN spends $2.4m on prototype wagons

Advanced materials developer Matrix Composites & Engineering has announced a $2.4 million deal to develop four protype wagons for Pacific…
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Understanding fare evasion: New research suggests combined approach

A new Australian study has looked into the complex nature of fare evasion on passenger rail networks, classifying fare evaders…
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