Tuesday 14th Jul, 2020
Morley Station

WA developing concept master plan for Morley Station

The West Australian government is using the construction of a new station and rail line as a way to guide…
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Upgrading the heart of the Brisbane’s rail system

The implementation of ETCS on the South East Queensland network highlights the many benefits of modern signalling systems. In major…
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Sydney Metro

Development approved for Victoria Cross metro station

The NSW government has approved the development above the future Victoria Cross metro station in North Sydney. The project involves…
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KLP Hybrid Polymer Sleepers ensure stable gauge and reduced noise levels

KLP Hybrid Polymer Sleepers offer a clever combination of high bending stiffness and low thermal expansion coefficient of steel, coupled…
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A sustainable finish for new Reservoir Station

The final details have been completed at the renovated Reservoir Station and have included a focus on sustainability. Reservoir station…
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West Coast

West Coast to Christchurch line to be upgraded

New Zealand will spend $13 million to upgrade the rail line between Christchurch and the West Coast. The funding will…
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Joint funding for Gippsland Line upgrades

The Victorian and Commonwealth governments have committed funding to upgrades on the Gippsland Line, as part of the Regional Rail…
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WA grain growers to support rail freight

Grain growers cooperative CBH Group has welcomed the Western Australian government’s Revitalising Agricultural Region Freight (RARF) Strategy and committed to…
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