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Cash and catering return to V/Line services

cash and catering

V/Line customers will be able to pay for journeys in cash and purchase meals onboard from January 31.

Cash payments were on of the first services to be cut with the arrival of COVID-19, and V/Line is continuing to recommend payment with debit or credit cards.

Cash can be used to top up your myki at public transport offices or buy a ticket on buses that don’t use myki.

From 10pm Sunday January 31, tickets purchased online will need to be posted to the customer or collected prior to travel. Email confirmations will no longer be accepted as a valid ticket.

To enable customers to continue to use cashless payment methods, myki cards are able to be topped up via a mobile app, online, via telephone, at stations and at retail stores. An auto-top up option is also available.

Catering will now return to long-distance services to Albury, Swan Hill, Shepparton, Warrnambool and some Bairnsdale services.

Other operators in Victoria are still not accepting cash. Metro Trains Melbourne staff are no longer handling cash payments.

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