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Cane rail line continues apace

Following approvals in 2019, a rail line connecting Isis Central’s sugar mills from Cordalba to Wallaville is running ahead of schedule.

The 39km line connects cane growing communities to the Isis Central sugar mill.

Costing $15 million, the project has been supported by $5 million from the federal government, and hopes to increase cane production in the region, south of Bundaberg. The new rail line will allow for the transportation of cane from farms in Wallaville and Gin Gin.

The project began in November, after the 2019 cane crushing season, and redeploy workers from the mill from sugar production to laying rail. However, as reported by local news outlet, Bundaberg Now, the workforce has previous experience in laying rail.

“A major plus is the fact that our staff have engaged in constructing these cane railways in the past and that experience is invaluable. A good crew can lay about a kilometre of line a day,” said chief field officer of Isis Central Sugar Mill, Paul Nicol.

Bundaberg Region mayor, Jack Dempsey highlighted that the new rail line will reduce truck movements, eliminating 6,000 heavy vehicle movements, while reducing the journey distance by half.