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Camera on at light rail crossing

Road safety in Surry Hills, Sydney, will receive a boost with the installation of a new red light speed camera where the light rail crosses South Dowling Street (between the Mort Street and Nobbs Street intersections) in Surry Hills.

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary Safety, Environment and Regulation Tara McCarthy said the new camera will target red light running and speeding from 29 April 2022 to improve safety for all road users.

“While we know that running red lights can lead to serious crashes and pedestrian casualties, the impacts can be far worse when a tram is involved,” she said.

ALTRAC, the light rail operator, has recorded six crashes and a number of near misses between vehicles and trams at this crossing since January 2020.

“Those crashes reportedly involve motorists running the red light at the crossing,” McCarthy said.

“Transport for NSW data shows there is a higher level of non-compliance at these traffic signals.

“A new red light speed will help reduce the risk in Surry Hills, particularly where there is heightened risk with the interaction of cars, pedestrians and the light rail.”

Transport for NSW’s most recent NSW speed camera review found fatal and serious injury crashes fell by 35 per cent at red-light speed camera locations, and pedestrian casualties fell by almost 60 per cent.

The new camera will operate in warning mode for one month during which time drivers caught speeding or running red lights will be sent a warning letter to encourage them to change their behaviour.

Fines and demerit points will be sent to offending drivers at the end of this period.