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Call for unity on inland rail proposals

<p>One of the proponents of eastern Australia’s inland rail option has called for its supporters to work together on a single proposal.</p> <p>Australian Inland Rail Expressway chairman Everald Compton said as many as five separate groups were working on proposals for where and how the corridor should be built, the ABC reported.</p> <p>There would only be one rail link so all groups should work together, he said.</p> <p>But a rival group, the Great Australian Trunk Rail, believes it has the proposal that will be accepted.</p> <p>The group’s chairman, Vince O’Rourke, said its $3.1bn proposal would allow trains to travel faster than other options.</p> <p>"It’s a short corridor, 1,650 km, the most direct route between Melbourne and Brisbane on flat country and we would provide for high-speed freight trains and high-speed passenger trains," Mr O’Rourke said.</p> <br />