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Call for common radio for trains

<p>A former union official has called for a common radio network for trains in the Adelaide metropolitan area to give drivers direct contact for emergencies.</p> <p>At present freight locomotive and TransAdelaide train drivers have to rely on indirect contact from their controllers because the rail systems use different radio networks, Daryl Dickson, former state secretary of the Trail, Tram and Bus Industry Union, said.</p> <p>Two accidents in the metropolitan area in the last week showed the importance of quick communciation, he told the <em>Advertiser</em> .</p> <p>In South Australia, about 300 freight and interstate locomotive drivers use the Australian Rail Track Corporation radio system.</p> <p>However, the 140 TransAdeladie drivers use a separate city-based system.</p> <p>"Drivers have to talk to their train control, who could try to contact us &#8211 if their radio signal is good enough &#8211 or their train control would ring our train control, who would in turn contact us," Mr Dickson, a locomotive driver, said.</p> <p>"It all takes precious minutes." </p> <p>The inquiry into the Glenbrook fatal rail accident in New South Wales recommended a national radio network be established, but NSW has not progressed to a common network yet.</p> <br />