Saturday 23rd Feb, 2019

Businesses push for fast Sydney Metro West

First Sydney Metro train undergoing testing. Photo: Sydney Metro

A rail line capable of moving passengers between Sydney’s CBD and Parramatta in just 15-minutes would generate the most jobs and economic activity, a new report has said.

Sydney Metro West is the proposed third stage of the Sydney Metro project.

The Committee for Sydney, the Sydney Business Chamber and the Western Sydney Business Chamber on Tuesday released a report analysing options for a 25-minute, a 20-minute, and a 15-minute transit between the city and Parramatta along the route.

While all three options were considered to be positive for the region, the report’s modelling found a 15-minute scenario including five core stations would generate the most jobs.

A 15-minute train line would create 70,000 additional jobs in Westmead, 75,000 in Sydney Olympic Park, and 45,000 in Parramatta – figures which combine for 39,000 more jobs than what would be generated by a 25-minute train line, according to the modelling.

“Sydney Metro West will be city-shaping,” the Committee for Sydney’s policy director Eamon Waterford said.

“With a fast journey to Parramatta, it will support the NSW Government’s vision of rebalancing jobs from the eastern Sydney CBD towards the Central River City focused on Greater Parramatta and, in future, the Western Parkland City.

“A faster Metro journey will also create new potential for housing and to bring jobs closer to where people in Western Sydney live. This housing uplift along the corridor could give communities in the West new access to fast train and offer a genuine alternative to a long commute into the east of the city.”

Sydney Business Chamber’s Western Sydney Director David Borger reiterated a faster journey showed more benefits under the modelling.

“Areas like Westmead and Olympic Park could see an additional 20-30,000 jobs created if the journey was 20 minutes or less,” Borger said. “These would also be high-quality, skilled jobs, the sort we need to boost the economy of a rapidly growing Western Sydney.”

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