Bushfire safety priority for Sydney Trains


As NSW enters the peak of its bushfire season, Sydney Trains has taken numerous steps to ensure its electricity network is safe and ready for the hot summer months.

Sydney Trains has identified and rectified more than 1800 potential hazards on the electricity network as part of a comprehensive annual safety program.

In preparation for bushfire season, it also carried out more than 5000 air and ground inspections, with the majority of hazards identified relating to vegetation near powerlines.

Sydney Trains Chief Executive Matt Longland said the hard work in maintaining the electricity network is showing.

“The safety of the community and our people is our number one priority. This can be seen by our success in preventing any major safety incidents involving workers or the public this year,” he said.

“There has also been a reduction in the overall number of incidents across the network and an improvement in the reliability of our assets.”

These steps are detailed in the Electricity Network Safety Management System performance report for 2020-21, which outlines the safety performance achieved across the electricity distribution network supplying the passenger railway.

The annual report, published on the Transport for NSW website, contains information about safety of the network, electricity supply, and activities to improve safety for staff, the public and the overall electricity network.

“As part of our vast community safety messaging, we continue to remind people to keep at least 8 metres from fallen power lines and to always assume they are live,” Longland said.