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Bulk Handling Expo returns for 2024

bulk expo 2024

The Australian Bulk Handling Expo (BULK2024) is set to return in 2024.

The bulk handling industry is a diverse sector – made up of businesses that transport and handle bulk solids, including several rail operators throughout each state.

At first glance it might seem that a major iron ore mine, a cement plant, or a grain shipping terminal don’t have much in common. However, they each use similar equipment like conveyors, silos, hoppers, and more to move their materials from one point to another.

They are also grappling with a labour shortage. Skilled labour has also become harder to find, and much harder to retain. Technicians and trade workers were especially scarce, particularly in regional and remote areas.

A range of strategies are being implemented across the country to help address the issue, but there is no silver bullet. It has led many organisations to begin looking at innovations like autonomous machinery to help increase their efficiencies as much as possible, whether it’s a port, mine, or manufacturer.

BULK2024 plans to bring this diverse industry together, under the one roof in September. Located at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, the event aims to help spread industrial knowledge, showcase the latest technologies and innovations, and provide an opportunity to network with likeminded peers.

Show director Lauren Chartes said the event was the only dedicated Australian expo for producers of bulk commodities such as grains, coal, iron ore, cement, animal feed and woodchips.

“To have all these exhibitors under one roof is not only a great place for business opportunities, but a fantastic occasion to network within this essential industry,” she said.

The latest in equipment will be on display, including conveyors, silos, motors and drives, belt scrapers, container tipplers, dust control systems, and weighing or level measuring products.

“Industries around the world are revolutionising as technology becomes more connected. Industry 4.0, automation, and artificial intelligence have the potential to radically change the way businesses operate,” Chartes said. “Stakeholders from a broad range of sectors will share their insight and expertise on how to stay at the cutting edge of technology and avoid being left behind.”

The expo will be held in conjunction with one of Australia’s biggest transport, logistics and supply chain events, MEGATRANS2020. The two events will be hosted over 30,000 square metres at the Centre, with one ticket entry for access to both exhibitions.

The Bulk Expo will take place from September 18–19, 2024.