Monday 20th May, 2019

Brookfield rebrands as Arc Infrastructure

Graphic: Arc Infrastructure

Western Australian network operator Brookfield Rail is now Arc Infrastructure, chief executive Paul Larsen has announced.

The company’s new name will help distinguish it from its parent company, Brookfield, which has major states in several other infrastructure companies, including Pacific National.

Larsen said the rebranding was “an exciting time” for the business.

“While we remain a Brookfield company, we’re looking forward to creating our own unique identity as Arc Infrastructure,” he said. “As Arc Infrastructure, our new name reflects our commitment to making an even greater contribution to the growth of Western Australia’s economy.”

Since 2000, the operator has invested more than $2 billion in the freight rail network and facilitate a 126% increase in the volume of product being moved, Larsen said.

He said the company’s workforce was heavily involved in the development of the new brand, and the chosen name embodied the company’s future aspirations, while being true to the heart of the core business.

“We have been extremely open with our people throughout the entire process. We asked them what was important to them and this feedback formed the foundations of our new identity,” he said.

“We see this as a great opportunity to create our own identity while still having the support of our parent company Brookfield. We look forward to continuing to deliver positive outcomes and contribute to the State as Arc Infrastructure.”

One thought on “Brookfield rebrands as Arc Infrastructure”

  1. Hi All,
    New Name, New Company? Well Not Really, Yes It Will B a New Name etc, It will Still B in the Business of Running Railroads of Sorts. Both I Guess will B Psgr and Freight.
    Trust the Freight Side of the Operations Will Have More “Standard Gauge” to Enable Freight to Go to Other Parts of the Country Without the Stupidity of Having to Reload onto a Standard Gauge Railcar/Train. Saves Shippers Time and Money. Also Opens Up the State to Better Competition with Various Freight Operators as Well.

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