Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2020

Broad, Kilgariff pay tribute to departing Truss

Warren Truss minister for infrastructure and regional development. Photo: Greg Dickins / Lloyds List Australia
Photo: Greg Dickins / Lloyds List Australia

The Australasian Railway Association and the Australian Logistics Council are among the bodies who paid tribute to the retiring minister for infrastructure and regional development, Warren Truss on Thursday.

ARA chief executive Danny Broad acknowledged Truss’ “significant” contribution to the rail sector over his many years in government.

“The rail industry across Australia owes the deputy prime minister a big thank you for his long term support and advocacy,” Broad said.

“Mr Truss has shared our position of rail being the most efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective mode of land transport there is.

“The Australasian Railway Association has enjoyed engaging Mr Truss and his government on developing rail solutions that have helped – and will continue to help – our nation meet the challenges of the future.”

Broad credited Truss for his contributions towards the Inland Rail project, the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal, and a number of regional and rural rail projects.

“Mr Truss’s commitment to rail has seen the sector contribute billions of dollars to the national economy year on year,” Broad continued.

“We look forward to his successor showing the same level of commitment to the rail industry…”

Michael Kilgariff, managing director of the Australian Logistics Council, shared in Broad’s praise for the departing deputy PM.

“[Truss] has made a substantial contribution to the freight and logistics industry over his many years as the relevant minister in the Howard, Abbott and Turnbull Governments,” Kilgariff said.

“He is one of our longest serving ministers with responsibility for the transport and infrastructure portfolio, and during his tenure he has displayed a strong commitment to delivering the road and rail links Australia needs to keep our economy strong, particularly in rural and regional Australia.”

Like Broad, Kilgariff stressed the importance of a good successor taking Truss’ place.

“The onus is on his successor to take forward the recommendations Infrastructure Australia makes in its 15-year Infrastructure Plan,” Kilgariff said.

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