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Brisbane-Melbourne rail link decision `in late June’

<p>The location of the Brisbane-Melbourne rail corridor could be revealed in three months, federal industry minister Ian Macfarlane has reportedly said.</p> <p>In a Toowoomba meeting with councillors from three states, Mr Macfarlane said the western corridor was the fastest route, taking trains about 21 hours to travel between Brisbane and Melbourne, the ABC reported.</p> <p>"We need to certainly distil this down to a closer set of options by the end of June this year," he said.</p> <p>"So Mark’s [federal transport minister Mark Vaile&#93 working through that process now, we’ll be looking at seeing how we can have an option, which still may not be the final route, but much closer to it that the Government can then consider in AusLink II as part of our process going forward."</p> <br />