Brisbane Airtrain spirits soar on rising passenger numbers

<p>Brisbane’s airport rail link Airtrain looks to be in the clear thanks to rising passenger numbers and a capital base restructuring deal.</p> <p>The 8.5km rail link has "done it tough" in the past few years, opening time when a number of crises hit the aviation sector, including the September 11 attacks and the SARS epidemic, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) said.</p> <p>The restructuring deal means that half of the Airtrain’s equity will be given to bondholders in return for payment concessions.</p> <p>"We are immensely pleased that the speculation and uncertainty about the service is now well and truly behind us, and we can get on with marketing this critical piece of tourism and business infrastructure locally, interstate and overseas," BAC corporate relations manager Jim Carden said.</p> <p>Airtrain’s passenger numbers have risen 28% this year following a rise of 40% last year.</p> <p>BAC said Brisbane airport had recorded the strongest passenger growth of all Australian airports over the past 12 months at 17.4%</p> <br />