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Braids Logistics helping out Superman

<p>Braids Logistics will lend 20 ISO tanks to Red Sun Productions for use in the new Superman movie being filmed in the Lachlan Valley of New South Wales.</p> <p>The company’s director Shane Watson said the tanks are to be used in the last scenes of the movie, which involve locomotives.</p> <p>P&#38O trains put the movie’s producers in touch with Braids, and they asked to borrow the tanks.</p> <p>"Some customers have asked, ‘How can you load the wine after having kryptonite in it?’" Mr Watson said.</p> <p>As Superman has his hands filled with other scenes in the movie, he is too busy to collect the tanks, and they will be railed to Lachlan Valley next Friday (November 25) for the last weekend of filming the movie.</p> <br />