Boozy train staff sacked in NSW

<p>New South Wales’s RailCorp has sacked 10 rail workers who failed the random on-the-job breath tests over the past three months, the <em>Sydney Morning Herald</em> reported this morning (Tuesday, January 13).</p> <p>A total of 18 workers had failed among more than 6,500 tests carried out, the paper said.</p> <p>The cases of the remaining eight people who failed the tests are still under investigation, RailCorp said.</p> <p>Those who failed the test included signallers, trackworkers and station staff &#8211 but no train crew.</p> <p>Three of the failed tests returned readings of more than 0.1%, the <em>Herald</em> said.</p> <p>RailCorp was formed on January 1 after the merger of the NSW State Rail Authority and the Rail Infrastructure Corporation.</p> <p>The RailCorp chief executive is Vince Graham. </p> <br />