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Bombardier to deliver Adelaide?s electric fleet

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Bombardier has been selected as the preferred partner to deliver Adelaide’s new electric train fleet.. </span> <p>“We are reaching the end of a worldwide search for the best possible new rolling stock and we are confident we have identified a supplier and a vehicle of the highest order,” transport minister Patrick Conlon said.</p><p>Bombardier provide 66 new electric railcars that Conlon said will be quieter, cheaper to operate, require less maintenance and offer improved reliability over Adelaide’s existing diesel fleet.</p><p>The trains will have a top speed of 110km/h, with faster acceleration, deceleration and performance leading to significant power savings. They will feature on-board technology including smartcard ticketing capability, CCTV and disability accessible. </p><p>They will be designed to meet Adelaide’s extreme heat demands both in operation and customer air-conditioning.</p><p>The new fleet is expected to start arriving in 2012 and enter passenger service the following year after testing on the new electrified Seaford rail extension.</p><p>The trains are a key component of the government’s $2.6bn investment in Adelaide’s public transport including a $37m program to refurbish 70 3100/3000 class railcars, 54 of which will also be converted from diesel to electric operation from 2013-15. The government’s investment has already delivered six new trams, extensions of the light rail network, and the start of upgrades and electrification of Adelaide’s suburban rail network.<br />&nbsp</p>