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Bombardier launches predictive maintenance service for rail signalling

Predictive maintenance

Global rail manufacturer and signalling and rollingstock provider Bombardier has launched a new predictive maintenance service designed for rail signalling infrastructure.

Named EBI Sense, the technology turns asset performance data into insights, enabling decision-making on maintenance to reduce disruptions and increase availability.

Richard Hunter, president, rail control solutions, Bombardier Transportation, said the service would utilises the latest technology, such as wireless sensors, and web-based interfaces.

“The launch of our innovative, cloud-native, predictive maintenance service for signalling is a transformative step towards realising the benefits of digitalisation for railway performance,” said Hunter.

The system is designed for widely distributed rail systems including trackside assets such as point machines and track circuits.

Based off the data collected, algorithms can predict equipment failure and schedule maintenance.

The subscription-based service is designed to be easy to use on a mobile app or web browser.

The system was developed in-house by Bombardier’s Sweden-based rail control solutions services team.

“Developed through a combination of technology and expertise combined with the latest exciting digital enablers, EBI Sense is a true reflection of our commitment to continuously innovate and add value for our customers across their system’s entire lifecycle,” said Hunter.

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