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Bogie analysis new feature for Predge



Swedish data solutions company Predge is fast expanding its footprint in Australia, and pulled out all the stops by bringing in company chief executive officer Simo Pykälistö halfway across the world for the Heavy Haul Rail conference in Perth. 

Predge’s analytical predictive products have been developed in close collaboration with customers to ensure that the software is tailored to the specific needs and challenges the industry is facing, providing them with the most effective predictive insights possible.   

Its most widely used product from is one simply called Rolling Stock, and as the name suggests, helps predict failures in rolling stock operations.  

It estimates remaining useful life and assists organisations in taking better decisions based on high quality information.  

Also attending the conference from Sweden was the company’s chief technical officer Wolfgang Birk, who helped explain the suite of products to the large number of interested delegates which visited the Predge display stand. 

“We have some new features in our Rolling Stock application related to bogie performance,” he said. 

“The software analyses wayside measurements to determine any potential problems with the bogies. 

“They highlight deviating bogies and in doing so, can prevent events such as derailments.” 

The conference was organised by Informa Australia.

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