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Bike-friendly carriages on Belair line


Mountain bikers and other cyclists in Adelaide have easier access to popular off-road trails and other riding areas in and around the southern suburbs, with bike-friendly rail carriages recently operating on the Belair line.

Five Adelaide Metro rail carriages were reconfigured to allow more space for bicycles.

The bike-friendly service will be available during weekends, public holidays and off-peak services. Trains on the Belair line include an existing standard carriage and the reconfigured, bike service carriage.

The refitted carriages only required a two-seat reduction to the standard 72-seat configuration while providing additional bike storage space.

The same carriages will operate during peak times on weekdays, however cyclists using the carriage at these times (before 9am and between 3-6pm) must have a ticket both for themselves and a separate, additional peak concession MetroCard or MetroTicket for their bicycle ($2 per trip if using a concession MetroCard, or $3 per trip if using a single trip concession MetroTicket).

Adelaide Metro has reminded cyclists that they are required to remain with their bikes on-board the bike carriage.

A driver may stop passengers from boarding a bus, train or tram if they have anything with them that is:

  • dangerous
  • unhygienic
  • too big to fit on-board.

Drivers cannot physically help commuters get on to vehicles or lift items for them.

Bikes also are prohibited from being taken on trams, unless they can be folded.

Motorised bikes are not allowed on trams or trains.

Bike cage access is free for public transport users, and must be managed via a registered metroCARD.