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Big changes on the way for Rail Express

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> The world is changing, and so are we. In 2015, Rail Express readers can expect more news, more often. </span> <p>With vibrant and diverse passenger networks in roughly a dozen cities, growing interstate passenger and intermodal networks, the world’s premier bulk rail networks, and a constantly evolving political landscape, a strong argument can be made for Australia as the world’s hottest spot for rail news.<br /><br />Changes on the way at Rail Express should help do this justice.<br /><br />Our single, weekly newswire will be replaced with five newswires – one per day from Monday to Friday – which will bring the constantly updating news on our website to your inbox as a regular, daily bulletin.<br /><br />A newly designed website will help readers get that news whenever, wherever and however they like, on their laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device.<br /><br />As well as a new-look front page, the new website will feature a custom page for each major rail topic, allowing readers in a specific field to narrow their news down to what’s relevant to them.<br /><br />The added bonus of this is advertisers, who will have the opportunity to target their ads to specific topics and industry areas, will get more bang for their buck. The other side of that coin is that readers will only see ads that are relevant to them.<br /><br />Advertisers will also benefit from an anticipated quadrupling of traffic to the Rail Express website – a conservative estimate given the addition of four extra weekly newswires, the expansion of content and a more user friendly website, available on more platforms.<br /><br />The new-look Rail Express will launch in Q1, 2015. <a href="">Click here (PDF link) for more information</a>.</p>