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‘Big Beams’ back jobs on Victoria’s ‘Big Build

Werribee rail bridge

The Victorian government is talking up the societal benefits of big infrastructure spending.

VICTORIA’s ‘Big Build’ is helping to support thousands of jobs across the state as projects continue to deliver vital rail and road upgrades.

More than 50,000 jobs are expected to be supported across Victoria’s Big Build.

Transport infrastructure minister Jacinta Allan visited a pre-casting concrete factory in Melton, which is one of the crucial supply chain businesses supporting construction works.

Westkon is an example of just one business that supplies essential building parts like pre-made bridge beams to road and rail projects and has employed an additional 30 staff members to keep up with the demand.

The use of pre-made concrete beams and panels helps speed up works at level crossing removal projects sites, meaning drivers and train commuters face shorter disruptions.

On the Regional Rail Revival program, 36 mega beams were needed for the superstructure of the new Avon River bridge, each weighing 60 tonnes and measuring 28m long and 1.5m high.

Pre-cast concrete was also used for the Ballarat Line Upgrade. It was used to build platforms, stairs and walls of the new Cobblebank Station.

Concrete beams and panels for new road and rail bridges in Werribee, Coburg, Toorak, Frankston, and Dandenong.

At Greens Road, Dandenong South, 60 beams weighing in at 7000 tonnes was lifted into place last month.

Every dollar spent during construction indirectly supports jobs throughout the economy and due to the sheer volume of work currently underway. 38,000 indirect jobs are expected to be supported in 2021.

For every 100 jobs created during construction an average of 206 indirect jobs are supported. These jobs include manufacturing, health services, education, finance, accommodation and food supplies and are all playing an essential role in helping the Victorian economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Transport infrastructure minister Jacinta Allan talked about societal benefits from spending on big projects.

“Our massive infrastructure agenda isn’t just delivering major road rail projects, it’s supporting thousands of jobs across the economy that are helping everyday Victorians,” Allan said.

“The sheer volume of work being created by Victoria’s Big Build, will not only help create jobs but keep Victorians in jobs for years.”

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