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‘Best practice’ for SA rail crossings

<p>The South Australian Government will introduce "best practice management and maintenance" of the state’s level crossings after investigations into last year’s fatal crash in Salisbury.</p> <p>Transport minister Michael Wright said recommendations from the government-appointed investigator, Vince Graham, gave it the chance to bring the state into line with national and international best practice for the management of level crossings.</p> <p>After investigating the crash, in which four people died when the Ghan collided with a bus and a car trapped in a traffic jam at a level crossing, on October 24, 2002, Mr Graham recommended:</p> <p>&#8226 Trialing traffic management schemes </p> <p>&#8226 The establishment of a level crossing advisory committee</p> <p>&#8226 Risk assessment on all pedestrian level crossings and </p> <p>&#8226 The development of level crossing training modules for all accredited SA bus and truck drivers.</p> <p>Mr Wright said that despite the measures taken, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists still need to recognise the risks associated with level crossings.</p> <br />