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Bentley Systems illuminate

In today’s landscape of risk, change, and uncertainty, the need for a rethink of how we plan, deliver, and operate infrastructure has never been more pressing.
The scale and pace of threats we face, from global trends to extreme weather events, demand infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable. To fulfill infrastructure’s role in protecting lives, ensuring business continuity, and preserving the environment, we must embrace new and consistent practices.

Amidst these challenges, there lies a significant opportunity to leverage technology, and digitalisation across all infrastructure sectors. Digital technology, particularly infrastructure digital twinning, is playing a pivotal role in accelerating sustainable development goals and driving climate action. The intersection of digital transformation and green transition is imperative for future-proofing infrastructure, organisations, and communities.

Investing in disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and digital twins allows us to decarbonize infrastructure in the mid to long term while achieving quick wins on carbon reduction and increased resilience. However, we face a capacity shortage in infrastructure professionals with the necessary skills to navigate this new landscape.

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