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Bentley Systems helps streamline Jakarta MRT workflows

Leading software development company Bentley Systems has helped streamline workflows of a mass transit system in one of the world’s most populous countries, leading to 10 per cent savings.

The MRT Jakarta Phase II is part of an expansive initiative to increase mobility, reduce congestion, and lower carbon emissions in Indonesia’s capital city by providing safe, reliable public transportation.

This second phase project will add 5.7 kilometers of railway and a total of seven underground stations to the existing Phase I network that opened in 2019.

With an aim to raise public transport use from about 30–60 per cent, the stations have been strategically located across the city for convenient passenger access.

PT MRT Jakarta is responsible for construction, operations, and maintenance as part of the development of a sustainable urban transit system that will connect all corners of the greater metropolitan area to its centre, creating opportunities for economic growth in new areas.

PT MRT Jakarta is also taking the leading role in business development and transit-oriented development around the stations.

Located in a congested urban environment amid a national heritage site and canal, the project posed significant technical difficulties, compounded by a tight schedule, multiple contract packages, and a large number of deliverables requiring coordination during a global pandemic.

PT MRT Jakarta previously tried manually coordinating the contractors and implementing various document managements systems, but these proved time consuming and inefficient, resulting in information silos.

It wanted to improve project execution and streamline communication among the contractors, the stakeholders, and the project team to ensure timely, quality deliverables.

To enhance project information management and facilitate coordinated design development and review, PT MRT Jakarta realised it needed an integrated technology solution to establish a connected data environment.

Bentley digital solution 

PT MRT Jakarta selected ProjectWise, AssetWise, and the Bentley iTwin platform to establish a connected data environment to digitise workflows, manage asset information, and streamline collaboration.

The integrated solution provided a consistent workflow and ensured all contractors, stakeholders, and project participants had access to the most current project information.

Working in a unified platform allowed teams to collaborate from multiple locations and perform virtual design reviews throughout the pandemic.

Integrating AssetWise, they built an asset register to progressively collect asset information throughout the project. Using heavy civil construction management platform SYNCHRO, they performed construction simulation to monitor the construction sequence and identify potential interface issues between contractors.

Bentley’s cloud-based applications provided real-time access to trusted project information and enabled digital reviews that saved at least 10 per cent in working time.

By digitalising previously manual processes, they reduced hardcopy paper submissions by 90 per cent.

With AssetWise and SYNCHRO, PT MRT Jakarta expects to minimise construction costs and schedule overruns to keep the project on target.

Working in the connected data environment provides greater visibility and insight into contractor activities and deliverables that helped accelerate approval time.

By handing over 3D models and as-built data to operations and maintenance, they will improve asset performance and reliability throughout the railway’s operational life, supporting sustainable transportation for the world’s second-most populated urban area.

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) Project Management Office Division head Imam Detriana said the adoption of Bentley’s digital technologies improves project performance and seamless collaboration among project stakeholders while maintaining the quality of deliverables.