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Behind the hoardings at Woolloongabba

Cross River Rail’s biggest worksite is making significant progress as Woolloongabba station continues to come to life.

The station’s first-class accessibility features are beginning to reveal themselves, with escalators, platform screen doors and elevators starting to be installed.

Ten of the station’s 24 escalators are in place and will transport passengers from the streets of Brisbane to deep underground to the station platform.

The first elevator shafts are also in position, providing vertical access to the platform level to ensure the station is open and accessible for all rail customers.

Underground, the installation of platform screen doors is ongoing, which will add to passenger safety and comfort and is a feature of world-class undergrounds around the world.

The last of the 181 beams to make up the station’s mezzanine level are being lifted into place, while the entirety of the 220-metre-long platform has been installed.

The platform is made up of 368 precast culverts and 80 precast planks, all expertly crafted above the ground to fit together under the surface.

Elisa Jane Carmichael’s artwork “plants, waters, gathering time” has also been installed in the station box and is sure to be an eye-catching feature of the station when it is opened.

The huge piece is measured at 16×29 metres and consists of 108 glazed panels of various sizes.

Just minutes by train to the new Albert Street station in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, Woolloongabba station is expected to be used by more than 17,000 passengers each weekday by 2036 and will service The Gabba stadium and the area’s entertainment district.