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Beaconsfield Bridge edges closer to completion

ARTC Inland Rail has taken a major step towards completing the new Beaconsfield Parade bridge in Glenrowan with the installation of the final concrete beam, completing the 145-metre span across the railway line.

ARTC Inland Rail is building a higher bridge in Glenrowan, to facilitate the safe passage of double-stacked freight trains for the Inland Rail project, with Inland Rail’s construction partner McConnell Dowell using a 750-tonne crane to lift the final seven 30-tonne beams into place this week.

In total, 51 concrete beams are incorporated into the bridge – 30 for the vehicle section and 21 beams for the pedestrian section of the bridge. More than 1200m³ of concrete has been used to construct the bridge.

ARTC Victoria and South Australian General Manager Projects Ed Walker explained that completing the bridge was an exciting milestone.

“It’s challenging to build a bridge like this with a working rail line underneath, but the team is doing a terrific job,” he said.

“Thank you to the Glenrowan residents for their patience and understanding. They’ve had to endure 12 months of disruptions but we’re nearly there.”

Work started on the bridge in February 2023 and is expected to open next month for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and the large number of tourists who visit Glenrowan.

In Victoria, work is being undertaken 12 sites, including Glenrowan, to enable double-stacked freight trains to pass safely and ensure everyday products can be delivered faster and more reliably around Australia.