AWB rolls out its first new rollingstock

<p>AWB launched its first venture as an owner of rollingstock when it unveiled 51 new rail wagons yesterday (Monday, October 28).</p> <p>Under a deal struck between AWB and FreightCorp last year, Pacific National will operate the new wagons for grain haulage in New South Wales.</p> <p>Pacific National is also building two new grain consolidation facilities at Werris Creek and Stockinbingal, to be managed by AWB.</p> <p>AWB spokesman Ryan McKinley said grain will be railed to the consolidation sites from around the state and then transported on the 51 new wagons to Newcastle and Port Kembla for export.</p> <p>Turnaround time at the two new facilities is expected to be 24 hours, Mr McKinley said.</p> <p>The $100m five-year grain rail deal is designed to improve grain transport efficiency, reduce the amount of rollingstock required in NSW and drive down costs for growers.</p> <br />

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  1. Whatever it takes to finally get it built. by the time 2018 rolls around start of construction will be 6 years overdue.