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Automatic protection across electrified rail network

Transport for NSW is improving safety across the electrified rail network by delivering new Automatic Train Protection (ATP) technology.

ATP is a generic name used globally to describe a range of train safety technologies. The ATP and Digital Systems projects both use European Train Control System (ETCS) technology.

The use of ATP technology ensures that:

  • Trains operate within the permitted track speed
  • Train crews are supported in ensuring that customers have a safer train journey

The ATP system involves the installation of technology on the trains themselves and the tracks. The ATP technology transmits information to enable drivers to manage the speed of the train.

The project involves:

  • Installing balises (electronic transponders) in the rail corridor between existing trackside infrastructure to monitor train speeds
  • Installing equipment on suburban and Intercity trains which provides speed monitoring and braking information to the driver

The ATP system is being retrofitted to most existing Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink trains.

New trains will be delivered with ATP technology already installed. The ATP trackside area includes the Sydney Trains metropolitan network as well as the South Coast Line to Kiama, the Blue Mountains Line to Lithgow, and the Central Coast/Newcastle Line.

ATP is operational on various passenger networks, including the Central Coast and Newcastle Line; Kogarah to Kiama, including Cronulla and Port Kembla branch lines; Berowra to Rhodes; Westmead to Emu Plains and Richmond; Lapstone to Blackheath; and St Leonards to Hornsby.