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Australia moves closer to next-gen freight rail system

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Deputy prime minister Warren Truss says the soon-to-be live tested Advanced Train Management System (ATMS) will transform the way freight rail infrastructure is managed and monitored across the country. </span> <p>The minister for infrastructure and regional development welcomed the signing of a contract to implement the custom-engineered technology by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and Lockheed Martin Australia.<br /><br />“Australia’s population, export and import industries and economy are all forecast to experience strong growth into the future and this growth needs to be supported by a robust, safe and reliable logistics industry,” Truss said.<br /><br />“The ATMS will increase the capacity, safety and reliability of our national freight rail network and safely enable more trains to travel closer together.”<br /><br />The federal government has previously provided $60.8 million for the development of the ATMS and is investing a further $50 million for its implementation.<br /><br />ARTC chief John Fullerton said the technology uses GPS navigation systems, broadband communications and state-of-the-art computer technology to locate and route trains in real time.<br /><br />“It also reduces costs associated with the need to sustain expensive trackside infrastructure,” Fullerton said.<br /><br />“ATMS is being tested over the next two years on a section of ARTC’s rail network in South Australia between Whyalla and Port Augusta.<br /><br />“Future-focused technology like the ATMS will make rail freight across our large country even more cost-effective for Australia’s industries by reducing our reliance on expensive trackside infrastructure,” Fullerton said.</p><p><strong><em>This article was originally published by Rail Express sister publication, Lloyd’s List Australia.</em></strong></p>