Friday 7th Aug, 2020

AusRAIL: Why quality rollingstock components matter

Photo: Ross Equipment

Ross Equipment is an Australian owned and operated supplier of polymer wear components which, Matt Ross tells Rail Express, significantly extend the life of rollingstock due to the high quality Rostuf branded materials.


Ross Equipment high quality rollingstock keeps trains moving. To this end, quality, durable, wear resistant and reliable materials are necessary.

Polymer materials are often chosen across a range of different applications for their specific properties such as low weight and wear, high toughness and elasticity with an additional damping effect. The moulding process also allows the production of complex shapes that cannot be produced efficiently by traditional machining methods.

Ross Equipment manager, Matt Ross, said not only does Ross Equipment produce polymer wear components of the highest quality, the company’s innovative components produced with cutting edge technology significantly extend the life cycle of rollingstock – meaning less costly replacements and less frequent down time of rolling stock.

Ross Equipment is a one-stop shop for the design, manufacture and supply of polymer components for rolling stock, including: bogies, locomotives, wagons, passenger cars, trams, and track vehicles. Their Rostuf range is trade-marked.

“Rostuf has, for over 40 years, enabled rail operators to continually experience extended service life on their rail vehicles due to the unique methods Ross Equipment Australia undertake to produce high quality polymer compounds. Parts are supplied either as an OEM product or superior replacement items”.

Rostuf B is used extensively where high impact resistance is required. Alternatively, Rostuf G is offered where a lower coefficient of friction could be advantageous in certain applications. After extensive research and development Rosflex has been incorporated into an innovative new design for Spring Block used in constant contact side bearers.

Rostuf unique polymer wear components have significantly minimised wheel flange wear on bogie vehicles throughout the rail industry. In conjunction with rail engineers, the company is addressing noise reduction on rail vehicles by incorporating new polymers into rolling stock.

“Ross Equipment’s Australian clients who have implemented Rostuf technical components into the fleet of rail vehicles over the past 40 years, have commented on the major improvements to their railcar performance over both short- and long-term periods.”

The company’s in-house capabilities enable it to also supply bespoke products tailored to clients’ specifications. “The fact that we’re Australian made and Australian owned enables our company to meet customers request on a short turnaround basis, whether it be for the design of a new rail product or any other requirement, our company will be there to meet their request,” Matt Ross said.

The reputation Ross Equipment has gained in the rail industry both nationally and internationally, is a testament to the extremely high quality of the products and services it offers.

“These innovative new products are now been recognised globally as our company strive to lead the way into the future of rail worldwide.”

With the trend towards the reduction of suppliers within the rail industry, Ross Equipment is also the best choice for attaining rail components all from the one supplier, with its quality innovative materials and significant in-house capabilities. This allows rail operators to plan scheduled work in advance knowing all items required will be delivered on or before the required delivery lead time, thus significantly improving their efficiency.

Matt Ross said that, rail safety is a major concern in today’s rail industry in light of the occurrence of many preventable injuries due to traditional work methods being implemented.

“Ross Equipment have listened to the concerns of rail operators and responded by developing an extensive range of rail safety components which have not only minimised the risk of an accident in the field but also greatly improved the efficiency of the rail operations undertaken.”


Visit Ross Equipment at AusRAIL PLUS at Stand 185.

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