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AusRAIL PLUS: The pillars firing up Swietelsky Rail



While most exhibitors at AusRAIL PLUS were displaying their latest products and innovations, NSW-based rail infrastructure provider Swietelsky Rail Australia (SRA) was happy to showcase the FIRE in the company’s belly: the values of Family, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. 

Managing director Anne Modderno said because SRA’s operations were so unique, it wanted a suite of values that was equally matched.  

“Our business here in Australia is a separate international branch of our Austrian-based parent company, so it was important to establish ourselves locally with our own unique entity,” she said.  

“Our business is designed specifically to service the Australian rail market, and our team is the driving force behind our ability to deliver positive client outcomes.  

“So, our entire team was motivated and engaged to develop a suite of values that were important to each of them individually, and as part of the Australian business team.” 

As well as the large transformation in terms of its strategic direction, SRA also developed some initiatives around employee well-being and mental health.  

“We’ve just recently launched our new website which really highlights the work that we do here in Australia and what the Australian business is about and the services that we can offer,” Modderno said. 

“The focus is important because it helps us to be able to provide clarity to our internal teams and also to industry about what they can expect when they work with us at SRA. 

“It’s important for us to showcase what we value as a company so that our clients understand what we prioritise, which ensure outcomes for the project and the services are successful.  

“The Swietelsky stand at AusRAIL definitely gives prominence to our people and what we’re about; when you do start to talk to a lot of our staff that are here, you quickly get to understand what type of machines we have, what services we have, what parts of the market that we’re actively performing in and also planning to expand in.  

“So it’s an enticement for people to come over and have a chat with us and ask any type of question across any dimension about how we operate, but also what we do as well. 

“It’s been fantastic to have so many exhibitors here for AusRAIL PLUS and there is a real positive and great vibe out there with all of the industry coming together.”