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AusRAIL PLUS: Liebherr excavator stands out

liebherr excavator


Standing out like a mechanical monolith on the AusRAIL PLUS exhibition floor, the Liebherr A 922 Rail excavator could not help but draw the attention of passers-by. 

The Liebherr name has become synonymous with innovative track construction solutions for the rail industry, and this model best exemplifies the progress. 

The A 922 Rail excavator is the result of decades of experience and striving to create products with the highest level of efficiency and performance, with the latest model on show. 

And as Liebherr Key Account Manager Mark Taylor explained, one of the greatest advantages of the equipment is that it’s made specifically for rail work. 

Not many manufacturers, certainly in Australia, produce a rail-ready excavator. Most bring in a machine that has to be adapted to suit,” he said. 

“We have made a machine that has a purpose. We have built an undercarriage to suit rail excavation. It also maintains a constant pressure on the rail so it becomes a very safe machine.” 

Because customisation is part of the Liebherr product philosophy, the undercarriage of the excavator comes in versions with different track widths and rail wheels, which make it possible to use tracks worldwide. 

Improvements in the latest model include two Liebherr axial piston variable displacement pumps (double construction) for improved overall operation, while standard integrated brakes in the rail wheel shorten the braking distance, which enhances safety. 

Liebherr also offers its own safety systems to ensure its customers will receive full support for safety and efficiency in operation. 

In Australia, Liebherr has carefully considered customer feedback and conducted a thorough analysis of the local rail network safety requirements. 

“We are always constantly looking at the next machine and what we can do to improve, how we can assist the industry in making it more suitable,” Taylor said. 

“We’re aiming to be the site suppliers within the industry and supply the complete machine, all the way down to the attachments.”