Monday 20th Jan, 2020

AusRAIL PLUS: Innovation Hub agenda released

Photo: ARA / Informa Australia

With under a month to go until the Southern Hemisphere’s largest rail event, AusRAIL PLUS 2019, the agenda has been released for the Innovation Hub Seminar Series.

The Innovation Hub is incorporated into the AusRAIL Exhibition, and offers visitors the opportunity to hear about the latest technology and solutions from a wide range of engineers, manufacturers and suppliers, represented across the more than 400 exhibitors taking part in the event.

Rail Express returns in 2019 as an AusRAIL media partner.

The Innovation Hub agenda, released this week and available here, includes the following speakers:

  • Sarah Alexander: Senior Consultant – Social Impact Investment and Innovation, Cities and Places Advisory, Asia Pacific Middle East, Jacobs
  • Kirsty Drury, Programme Delivery Manager, Transport for London
  • Dr Florian Auer, Director of Technology and Innovation, Plasser & Theurer
  • Rod Hemassi, Senior Sales Consultant – Enterprise Project Performance, Asia-Pacific, Hexagon PPM
  • Tim Dighton, General Manager – New Generation Rollingstock, Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Luke Davey, Manager Strategy, Downer
  • Bryan Lai, Interface and Integration Manager, Downer
  • Luke De Jager, Systems Assurance Manager, Downer
  • Luis Fernandez-Barrena, Business Development Manager, NEM Solutions
  • Shirley Gregor, Professor of Information Systems, Australian National University
  • Gary Beavan, Manager Security, Transport for NSW
  • Ivo Anic, Engineering Manager, Gemco Rail
  • Jonathan Taylor, Technical Director, Transport Economics and Policy & Section Leader – Transport Advisory, Jacobs
  • Saad Khan, General Manager Capability & Asset Management, Downer
  • Gonzalo Ruiz, Business Development Manager, CAF
  • Norman Frisch, Marketing Director, Enterprise Business Group and Transport Sector, Huawei
  • Cherie Lee, Founding Director, Maxem Consulting Group
  • Joel Schroeder, Head of Land Mobile, INTELSAT
  • Gao Chao, CRRC Datong Electric Locomotive Co
  • Zhang Guicheng, CRRC Yongji Electric Co
  • Shi Hongbin, CRRC Taiyuan
  • Wang Jinfeng, Shanxi Shangfeng Technology
  • James Cao, Shanxi Chunguang Forging
  • Zhi Yanping, Shanxi Haokun Flanges Group
  • Zhang Xinguo, Shanxi Dorun Advanced Materials Co
  • Wang Hanqing, Datong City Heneng Actívated Carbon Co
  • Jack O’Donoghue, Project Engineer, Martinus Rail
  • Ilan Sagi, Head of Engineering and Value Creation, ARTC Inland Rail
  • Dr Ooi Lean Hock, Director of Geotechnical, Martinus Gamuda
  • Pete Adams, Global Market Director for Power, Jacobs
  • Anne Perot, Deputy Project Director, Great Paris Express_L18, Egis
  • Ronan Collins, Head of Project Information Management, Martinus Gamuda
  • Cameron Collie, Global Industry Expert – Rail, Dassault Systemes
  • Jonathan Herguais, Director Structures & Civil Infrastructure ANZ, SYSTRA

For more information on the AusRAIL PLUS 2019 event in Sydney from December 3-5, visit the official event website.

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