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AusRAIL 2022: Absorbent sound walls from STRAILastic


For many years, STRAILastic has been promoting its noise attenuation system, which employs an acoustically optimised rubber plate that can be fitted directly onto existing railing or rail structures.

The system is made from compressed recycled rubber, compressed with a force of about 1200 tonnes and then cooled in a special chamber. It can then be moulded into the small barriers that are placed near the tracks, nullifying the worst noise effects.

Already used widely cross Europe, the panels are placed as close as possible to the noise source, and the additional advantage is that all products are made mostly from recycled material and can be recycled again.

STRAILastic is part of a business owned by German business KRAIBURG STRAIL (a composite word meaning ‘street meets rail’), which also includes STRAIL Level Crossings and STRAILway, which deals in composite sleepers.

STRAILastic head Andreas Goeschl has been a regular visitor to AusRAIL, and makes the trek from his home country most years because he believes the product has a definite place in the Australian rail industry.

And this year, there’s been an improvement in the sound protection systems: instead of using a material that reflects sound to other places, the new mixture developed by the company actually absorbs sound, creating a diffused noise field.

“The result is that the acoustic performance is much better,” Goeschl said.

“We call it Surface 2.0: the next generation.

The highly absorbent surface is made from several layers and materials, combining all the advantages of the individual components.

“The basic material remains the durable and stable rubber compound.

“The insulating effect of the elements and properties of rubber are now complemented by the absorbent surface, so we have three components in one highly effective product.”