AusLink on its deathbed, claims Ferguson

<p>"Is AusLink dead or is it just barely breathing?"</p> <p>This was the rhetorical question that shadow federal transport minister Martin Ferguson posed at the Natroad South Australian transport conference in Adelaide on Saturday (October 11).</p> <p>Mr Ferguson said he is dismayed that transport infrastructure is still ailing because of the lack of a national land transport plan.</p> <p>"We keep waiting for it but nothing eventuates. We are now asking the question ‘is it dead or is it just barely breathing?’ " Mr Ferguson said.</p> <p>"We are hearing plenty of noise about the disgruntled money men of Cabinet stopping AusLink dead in its tracks because they don’t want to provide the necessary funds."</p> <p>The plan is doomed to fail without more money, he said. </p> <br />