AusLink considered by transport ministers

<p>Australian transport ministers met in Canberra last week (Wednesday September 18) to discuss the AusLink land transport plan.</p> <p>AusLink has been put forward by the Federal Government and it is now seeking input from the state and territories.</p> <p>Transport minister John Anderson said their views will be taken into account as the strategy is developed.</p> <p>An AusLink green paper is expected to be released in early November and industry will be asked to make submissions.</p> <p>A formal policy document should be in place by the middle of next year.</p> <p>The Australian Logistics Council, addressed the ministerial meeting, outlining the industry’s needs and indicating that under an effective planning regime the private sector may invest more heavily in transport infrastructure.</p> <p>The No. 1 land transport priority for Australia is to upgrade the east coast rail corridor, it said.</p> <br />