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Aurizon purchases bulk transport and handling business

Aurizon has acquired Townsville Bulk Storage and Handling (TBSH) to grow its capacity to shift bulk freight in North Queensland.

Finalised on March 21, the acquisition expands Aurizon’s bulk freight business and the company will be now known as Aurizon Port Services. According to an Aurizon spokesperson, the acquisition comes as Aurizon looks to grow its business.

“Aurizon has been assessing growth opportunities for our bulk business to extend supply chain services beyond our core rail capability.”

The purchase enables Aurizon to provide bulk transport, handling, and stevedoring services in North Queensland, and extends capabilities across its North Queensland network.

“In the future, our Mt Isa and Cloncurry terminals will aggregate products that will be railed directly into the newly-acquired business providing a fully integrated service with significant benefits for customers,” said the Aurizon spokesperson.

The acquisition is hoped to complement Aurizon’s existing rail services. The Mt Isa line connects to the Port of Townsville, where commodities extracted from the North West Minerals province are transported for export.

“Aurizon continues to have an optimistic outlook for bulk commodity markets within Australia – products that are required to support the demands of the modern economy and a general increase in living standards throughout the world,” said the spokesperson.

Aurizon’s bulk business transports mineral commodities, agricultural products, mining and industrial inputs, and general freight throughout Queensland and Western Australia. In the last year, Aurizon has significantly grown its bulk segment of the business with a 208 per cent increase in earnings before tax, interest and depreciation.