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Aurizon boosts super for primary caregivers

Aurizon, Lance Hockridge - Photo Aurizon

Rail operator Aurizon says it’s helping tackle the superannuation gap caused by unpaid parental leave, with a new ‘Super Booster’ initiative.

In addition to the 14 weeks of paid parental leave which incorporates superannuation contributions, Aurizon will pay superannuation for up to 14 further weeks of unpaid leave, under the scheme, for primary caregivers – both male and female.

Aurizon boss Lance Hockridge says the operator is one of few businesses offering such a benefit.

“Research shows the primary caregiver of children can have lost almost half of their superannuation at retirement largely due to the unpaid breaks from work when having a family,” Hockridge said.

“We are extremely proud to be one of the few companies in Australia offering this benefit over and above legislative requirements. We are pleased to help ease the superannuation burden faced by our primary caregivers.”

The ‘Super Booster’ scheme is one of Aurizon’s diversity initiatives, part of its push to support gender equality across its workforce, the company says.

Aurizon has won five awards over the past year for its diversity focus.

It’s taken home awards from Engineers Australia, the Australasian Railway Association, the Hunter Diversity Awards, and two from the Australian Human Resources Institute.

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  1. 14 weeks paid leave is generous enough, without the super being paid for another 14 weeks. Aurizon hasn’t yet learnt that it’s no longer a Government department. We taxpayers are paying for this generosity.

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