Passenger Rail

Auckland’s newest train station opens

A newly-opened $12 million railway station at Parnell in Auckland’s east will be a vital link for students and local residents, Auckland Transport chairman Dr Lester Levy has said.

Levy joined local councillors to open Parnell station on March 13.

The station has not yet been fully built, but currently has platforms, shelters, ticket and AT HOP card readers, as well as an underpass to link the platforms.

It will begin servicing all Southern line trains and on the weekends and off-peak it will service Western line trains.

Stage one of the station’s construction is set to complete later this year, with electronic gates, CCTV, improved access, mobility parking, and upgraded pedestrian connections to be added.

Further improvements are planned for stage two of the station’s development, which will see it capable of serving up to 2,000 passengers each day.

“We are all aware of the needs of the area and we took the attitude that it was vital to get even limited services stopping here as soon as possible,” Dr Levy said.

“We’ve had great support from KiwiRail and the Parnell and university communities to get the station up and running.”