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Auckland hits passenger milestone 3 years early

Photo: Auckland Transport

Auckland’s commuter train network has recorded 20 million train trips in a 12-month span, a milestone Auckland Transport didn’t expect it to hit until 2020.

New train stations, electric trains, and the new HOP contactless ticketing card are being credited for the staggering growth in New Zealand’s largest city, which is seeing annual passenger growth of around 20% per annum.

“20 million train trips in one year is a huge achievement,” Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said.

“It is the result of strong investment in our public transport system and Auckland commuters finding it more convenient to travel by rail than be caught in congestion.”

Goff said the new fleet of electric trains have helped make public transport more appealing, and have reduced carbon emissions by 80% and saved more than 9 million litres of diesel each year.

“The past year has also seen the opening of a new train station in Parnell, a bus-train interchange in Otahuhu, improved links with our bus services and agreement to invest in more electric trains running to Pukekohe and South Auckland.”

Auckland Transport’s chief metro officer Mark Lambert said the milestone showed Aucklanders’ desire for a world-class rail system.

“We want to thank Aucklanders for embracing trains,” Lambert said. “We will continue working to ensure the rail network keeps getting better.”

Lambert said the HOP card had been a huge success. Launched in 2012, it is now used on 92% of public transport journeys.

“In the past month, electronic gates have begun operating at Henderson Station and Otahuhu Station, improving safety and reducing fare evasion,” he added.

“These types of gates are also being installed at Manurewa, Papatoetoe, Middlemore, Parnell, Papakura, and Glen Innes.”


  1. Unless I’ve missed a major news story, Auckland is not the capital of NZ, though it is by far the largest city / conurbation. Wellington is the seat of government, and also has a well-used electrified suburban rail system.

  2. I like the articles this guy brings out but he could get his facts straight first before posting anything.

  3. Elton what are you taking about where does the story say anything about Auckland being a Capital the story is only commenting on the suucess of the electric trains etc

  4. Well this has already been answered above. He states that Auckland is the capital of New Zealand which is incorrect. The capital is Wellington, That’s misleading.

  5. My apoligies I just reread it and found where it reads New Zealand capital and that is totaly wrong as you me and everyone else knows