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Auckland cross-city rail link given the nod

<p>A move to establish a rail link between the Ports of Auckland sea port and its inland terminal at Wiri has won unanimous support from the Auckland City Council.</p> <p>Ports of Auckland is seeking funding from rail regulator Ontrack to cover a one-off infrastructure cost.</p> <p>The company has invested NZ$19m in developing half of the 10-ha Wiri inland port site, which currently shifts around 20,000 teu a year between Wiri and the city by road. </p> <p>A rail service would help Wiri achieve more than five times current throughput, and infrastructure funding would help make the short-haul rail service viable, the company said.</p> <p>Councillor Glenda Fryer said increasing the movement of freight by rail would free up the city’s road network. </p> <p>"Currently around 90% of the freight from Ports of Auckland is distributed by road, with the remainder by rail," Ms Fryer said.</p> <p>"Reducing the number of container trucks using the network to shift freight inland has both economic and environmental benefits. </p> <p>&#8220We are sure rail will be more cost effective, safer and reduce the emissions causing damage to our city’s environment.&#8221</p> <br />