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ATSB move underlines SA importance in rail scheme: Anderson

<p>The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) rail investigation office has moved to Adelaide to reflect "South Australia’s importance as a key rail hub", federal transport minister John Anderson said.</p> <p>"The decision to locate the ATSB’s rail safety investigation office in Adelaide reflects the state’s vital role in the national rail system," Mr Anderson said.</p> <p>"Adelaide is also the headquarters of the Australian rail Track Corporation (ARTC), the Australian Government corporation that has ended 150 years of fragmentation in our railways."</p> <p>The bureau will now have easy access to the ARTC train control centre and can improve its response time in reaching more remote parts of the rail network, he said. </p> <p>The new office started operations at the beginning of this week (Monday November 15), he said.</p> <br />