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Asciano gives assurances to Victorian Government

<p>Asciano had moved to reassure the Victorian Government that it was not stampeding out of grain and rural container freight, the Government said today (Thursday, January 10).</p> <p>"In discussions with Government representatives yesterday, Asciano, parent company of Pacific National, gave the government assurances it had no intention of ceasing any services on February 5 as claimed in media reports," a spokeswoman for Victorian rail minister Lynne Kosky said.</p> <p>"It also confirmed to Government that it was seeking to continue providing domestic grain freight and intermodal container freight services in Victoria. </p> <p>"It said it would continue to work with customers and government to improve the efficiency of existing services.</p> <p>"The Government was informed by Asciano that it hopes to negotiate with customers arrangements that will enable the long-term economic viability of domestic grain freight and intermodal container freight.</p> <p>"Asciano also gave an undertaking to Government that they have no immediate intention to transfer broad gauge rolling stock interstate."</p> <p>An Asciano spokeswoman confirmed the Government’s line.</p> <p>"Asciano announced at the end of last year that their grain and regional freight rail services in Victoria are unsustainable in their current form," she said.</p> <p>"Asciano is working with the Victorian Government and rail customers to determine whether a commercially viable solution can be found to continue operating rural services.</p> <p>"Asciano is not, and has never intended to cease rural rail services on February 5. </p> <p>"The company expects to finalise its decision on the future of its underperforming businesses within the next few months."</p> <br />